Education must not be the privilege of a few but must be accessible to all. This is the tenet on which Aura Educational Society (AES) was founded. Aura Educational Society (AES) was established in the year 1993 and is registered under the Govt. of Karnataka under the Act 13 of 1960.

Aura Educational Society is dedicated for the cause of social and educational development. The institute is neither affiliated to any university  de-jure recognition for its academic programmes from any statutory body. Hence, the institute is an academically independent and self-financed autonomous body i.e., the institutes’ courses are non-AICTE/ UGC approved.

Education touches the lives of everyone in some progressive way or the other. It mends them to become better individuals, thinkers, creators, developers and entrepreneurs, leaders, technocrats to name a few. An educated society moves forward in a positive and confident manner and hence never looks back during difficult times.

Aura Educational Society has embarked upon this glorious mission to impart education and knowledge of the highest order, to inspire and light the lives of thousands of students associated with the society by enabling them to become resourceful citizens of tomorrow. The society’s journey through the decades has seen many individuals shaped up and mentored throughout their life-time. In short, Aura Educational Society has been an inspiration to many.

Aura Educational Society, through its other institutions has been offering programmes in business management, commerce, computer education and other fields like healthcare management, travel & tourism, E-Commerce, Fire Safety and Project Management to name a few and thousands of students have been benefitted through these programmes.

In order to fulfil this noble objective, AES has established two autonomous and non-profit institutes namely Indian Institute of Management Studies (IIMS) and Indian Institute of Engineering Studies (IIES) whose sole objective is to develop high-quality management and technology-oriented studies that can be offered through distance learning mode.

The ultimate goal of AES is to promote an academic, professional and social network amongst students and alumni within the communities of the Aura Institute who share a special interest in the field of international Education Development, Comparative Education and Human Rights.

This year, we have a new objective-to create a useful networking system for the students and alumni of the AES Institute to enable them to be in touch with others who are involved in similar work and research so as to exchange cultural, academic and professional information with each other, both during and following their time in the institute. We sincerely hope that this new system will be extensively used to assist students and alumni for networking, research innovation, cultural understanding and opportunities in their respective fields of expertise. (can we do something towards this?)


To provide high-quality management and technology-oriented programs of international standards through distance education mode using innovative and technology-enabled tools to enable individuals empower themselves in their areas of specialization so that they can embark on their careers of choice, scale higher, and succeed as highly effective and efficient leaders and in turn help them create a bright future for themselves and the nation. We want to be known as a pioneer and spearhead the cause of mass expansion and thereby reach education to every aspiring soul in every corner of the country.


Achieve excellence by creating globally-competent business leaders and technocrats through world-class management and technology-oriented educational experience.



Courses are designed for continuing personal development and are offered by a number of leading universities, schools, and other educational institutions around the world. Courses can last from a couple of days to a couple weeks or even months, depending on the subject of the course. Have a look at some of the most popular courses here!

Diplomas are offered in a number of various fields. Have a look at some of the most popular diplomas below!

  • Diplomas in Business Studies
  • Diplomas Technology Studies
  • Diplomas Technology
  • Diplomas Management
  • Diplomas Management Studies
  • Diplomas Economics
  • Diplomas Economic Studies
  • Diplomas Computer Science
  • Diplomas Education
  • Diplomas Administration
  • Diplomas Administration Studies
  • Diplomas Information Technology
  • Diplomas Business
  • Diplomas Marketing Studies
  • Diplomas Marketing
  • Diplomas Food and Beverage Studies


Online courses give students different options for scheduling. Online courses also offer the advantage of applying the knowledge learned in the courses to current jobs. Online courses are becoming more and more popular, and a significant percentage of higher education institutions provide online classes. There are many different online courses to choose from, all over the world, in almost every discipline.

       Business                Courses

Are you looking for business courses? Consider taking a course in one of the following business sectors:

  • Business courses
  • Management courses
  • Accounting courses
  • Marketing courses
  • Project Management courses
  • Finance courses
  • Hotel Management courses
  • Leadership courses
  • Management Training courses
  • Risk Management courses
  • Supply Chain Management courses
  • Executive courses
  • Leadership development courses
  • Business Management courses
  • Financial Management courses
  • Business Development training
  • Corporate training
  • Executive Language Training


Distance learning courses allow students the flexibility to study according to their own schedule. New technologies make distance learning courses an equally adequate and beneficial mode of learning as being in a traditional classroom. Today more and more educational institutions are offering distance learning courses in a variety of subjects.

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