Flow Chart

The Method of Study and Examinations is based on Open and Distance Learning system

Upon enrollment in to the Program, the study materials which are prepared by a committee comprising of eminent educationists, experts from the industry, IIMS faculty and members of the Academic Council along with periodical assignments will be sent to the student.

Along with the course materials which are sent to the student, there will also be a mention of which book/s are recommended for study of the subject.

If a student wants a particular book, on payment of the fee of the respective book, he or she will be couriered the book.

All this study material is prepared such that the curriculum and content matches the latest needs of the industry/ the competitive business environment.

Self-assessment exercises

Self –assessment exercises are given at the end of each chapter of the study material provided by the institute. Students are expected to work out all the statements in the self-assessment exercise for their own self-appraisal about the subject. These need not be sent back to the institute.


Once a student gives an acknowledgement, he/she will be scheduled accordingly for the examinations.

Term-end examination will be held as per scheme notified from time-to-time. (What is this, is it required?)

The examination schedule will be intimated by the institute through post or courier.

The student can exercise the option to clear the papers in piecemeal (one at a time or together) manner whenever the examination is held or requested.

This must be communicated by the student to the institute atleast two weeks before the examination is scheduled to commence. This will enable the institute to send the right question paper to the student.

Once the examination is scheduled, the examination procedure will also be mailed to the student.

The examination procedure shall contain written instructions related to the dates of the examinations, examination charges applicable for re-examination and charges that need to be paid by the student in case he or she delays in returning the answer scripts.

The examination will be of three-hour duration.

The question paper will contain case study/s, and short and long answer questions

On answering the questions, the answer script needs to be mailed / couriered to the IIMS Head Office for evaluation.

Alternatively, the examinations are also held at authorized IIMS examination centres throughout India subject to the availability of sufficient number of examinees at the designated or requested examination centre.

Being a flexible examination system, the student needs to re-appear for examination in subjects only in which he or she has failed.

Kindly note that these extra charges are not covered in course fees and hence are applicable only if the instructions are not followed.

Result and Certification

Result shall be declared within forty-five working days’ time in the form of marks sheet and certificate.

If a student fails to submit the response sheets of the assignments of the term-end examination of one or more subjects within the required period, he or she shall be treated as absent and shall have to appear for re-examination.


Any student, who fails to qualify in a given paper, then he or she can rewrite the same on payment of a re-examination fee of Rs.2000/- per subject.

Re-examination is arranged within one month of receiving the request from the student.


Score Grade
75% + A+
60% – 74.99% A
50% – 59.99% B
40% – 49.99% C