N.T.T.  ( 1 & 2 Years Course)

Nursery Teacher’s Training

  • Diploma in Child Education and psychology ( 1 year)
  • Advance Diploma in Child Education and Applied Psychology ( 2 Years)
  • Pre- Primary teacher’s training( Job- Oriented employment course)

Early Childhood Care and Education course offered by Asian College of Teachers aims to train aspiring teachers and instill the necessary skills in them to become effective early childhood educators. It focuses on the teaching skills in particular so that they can nurture young children.

IITT  offers a comprehensive Diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education which is designed to prepare an aspirant to become an early childhood educator. The course is aimed to train both aspiring and working teachers by integrating the approaches and methodologies of early childhood education. The willing educators need to be skilled in techniques to foster an all round development of the children aged 0-5 years which will create a strong foundation for life. The course provides required expertise to the aspiring early childhood educators in every aspect of teaching which will cater to the teaching and caring for young learners. At the same time it will help them to broaden their knowledge regarding children’s learning which, in turn, will lead to the innovative ideas for new activities.

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