Graduate Diploma in Business Management



Graduate Diploma in Business Administration 

2 Specialisations in One Program. 

Graduate Diploma in Business Administration or GDBA is one of the most popular bachelor degree programmes after class XII. The GDBA course is the gateway to numerous job opportunities in a plethora of sectors like Marketing, Education, Finance, Sales, .  Here are some important highlights of the GDBA program/Graduation that you should know about:

  • The 3-year professional undergraduate course in Business Administration is open to students from all the three streams: Science, Arts and Commerce.
  • The GDBA course offers knowledge and training in management and leadership skills to prepare them for managerial roles and entrepreneurship.
  • During the tenure of the course, candidates learn various aspects of business administration and management through class room lectures and practical projects like internship.
  • GDBA can be pursued in full-time as well as correspondence mode.
  • There are various GDBA specializations one can choose from such as
    • Human Resource Management
    • Finance
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Information Technology
  • The average starting salary of a GDBA graduate is on an average Rs 5 lakh and upwards.


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